Updated: Jan 4, 2020

For two weeks in May, twenty five teenagers had an epic adventure as they traveled by bicycle together. 

Our community of students, teachers, bikers, campers, question askers, non-complainers, jokers, pranksters, thinkers, dreamers, and laughers rode over 300 miles from Ferndale to San Francisco, California.  This trip was part of Life Academy's post-session, an innovative immersive learning program where high school students spend two weeks earning academic credit doing off-site programs. 

The fact that these students only earned two PE credits is almost comical, considering that they rode their bikes through some of the most challenging biking conditions I've ever experienced (and I've spent over a year of my life bike touring!) But beyond the credit, they had an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  After the trip, we asked them, "what are your key takeaways from this trip?" 

Here were some of their answers: 

"I learned that I am capable of doing more than what I think I can."

"I learned that I can do things I’ve never done before in my life."

"I can do more than what I think I can do."

"That I can do anything and I shouldn’t let my mind trick me into thinking I can’t do something because I very much can."

"To never give up and keep being persistent."

"No matter how you feel no matter who you are you can do amazing things - you just need to put in the effort."

"There is always a downhill to an uphill."

"Fear shouldn’t be the reason I don’t do something and mental strength is as important as physical strength."

"Keep pedaling."

"I learned that if I wanted to I can actually accomplish a lot of things. I also learned how to work with a community and live with new people."

"I can do anything."

We made a short video with some of the highlights from the trip, you can watch it below. One of the participants wrote a reflection on the redwoods that puts into words some of how it feels to be in the middle of ancient trees.